Dr. Alejandro Kogan

Dr. Kogan holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the Technological University of Mexico and a specialty in Prosthetics and Oral Rehabilitation from the Nova Southeastern University of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Specializes in cosmetic dentistry, oral rehabilitation, and dental prosthetics.
  • His areas of expertise include dental ceramics and materials, fixed and removable implants, and maxillofacial prosthodontics
  • License Number: 7527430


  • Dr. Alejandro Kogan is not currently part of a professional association.

Academic appointments

  • Dr. Alejandro Kogan has not had academic appointments to date

Dr. Alejandro Kogan


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Dr. Alejandro Kogan
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Qualification and Credentials


Studied a specialization in the United States

Doctor's Experience


Has less than average experience

Location and Facilities


Clinic is located in a safe area close to shops and entertainment

Clinic is clean and comfortable, and very close to quality hotels

Navigating the city can be difficult due to heavy traffic and long distances

Patient Experience

Very good

Patients report high satisfaction

Dr. Kogan speaks English fluently

Selected staff in the clinic speak English, and administrative processes are partially tailored for English-speaking patients


Clinic Name:

Prótesis Integral S.C.


Mexico City


Av. Paseo de las Palmas 830. Interior 101 Lomas de Chapultepec, CDMX 11000

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