Our Locations

Our Locations

Exceptional dentists from Mexico to Colombia

Our network spans prominent urban centers such as Mexico City, Bogotá, and Guadalajara, along with beautiful coastal destinations like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. Contact us today, and get high-quality dental work provided by our meticulously selected dentists.  Delve deeper into each unique location to learn more.

Photo of Cancún.


Cancun entices visitors with its pristine white sand beaches, crystalline turquoise waters, and lively nightlife. But this resort city also boasts excellent dental care courtesy of our dentists in Cancun. We thoroughly vet each dentist in Cancun to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards. Patients can expect high quality dental care from these seasoned professionals. Our certified partner dental clinics offer comfortable, state-of-the-art facilities for a wide array of dental treatments and procedures. Beyond the world-class dental work, Cancun delights with its array of water activities, luxury resorts, shopping, and nearby Mayan ruins. Discover why Cancun is an ideal destination for accessible dental excellence and an unforgettable beach vacation. Our partners facilitate a customized dental experience and comfortable seaside visit.

Mexico City

Our dental clinics and talented dentists in Mexico City provide high quality dental care and a full range of treatments tailored to each patient. Patients can expect high-quality dental work from our thoroughly vetted professionals. Beyond world-class dental care, Mexico City enthralls visitors with its rich cultural heritage, historic sites, renowned museums, diverse cuisine, and energetic cosmopolitan vibe. This dynamic capital seamlessly blends ancient landmarks with modern amenities. Discover why Mexico City is a premier destination for accessible dental care and an engaging urban experience. Our partners facilitate customized dental treatments and a comfortable visit to this fascinating hub.

Photo of Mexico City.
Photo of Monterrey.


Our extensively vetted dentists in Monterrey provide high quality, customized dental care at state-of-the-art clinics equipped with advanced technology and amenities. Beyond the exceptional dental work, Monterrey offers a vibrant array of museums, outdoor mountain adventures, and mouthwatering local cuisine. Wander the picturesque Santa Lucía Riverwalk, take in sweeping mountain vistas, and savor traditional dishes like machacado con huevo and cabrito. Whether enjoying world-class dental care or immersing in the culture, Monterrey provides accessibility to top-tier dental work and engaging Mexican experiences.


Our pre-vetted dentists in Tijuana provide high quality dental work and restorations in comfortable clinic settings equipped with cutting-edge technology. Beyond the world-class dental care, immerse yourself in Tijuana's distinctive blend of Mexican and Californian cultures - shop colorful markets, sample inventive Baja Med cuisine, visit the vibrant Zona Río, and take in sweeping Pacific and mountain views. Home to top academics and manufacturing along with eclectic arts and dining, Tijuana offers accessibility to superlative dental care and an absolutely unique travel experience.

Photo of Tijuana.
Photo of Guadalajara.


Guadalajara captivates visitors with its ornate colonial landmarks, lively plazas and markets, and heritage as the birthplace of mariachi and tequila. Yet this cultural capital also provides exceptional dental care. Our dentists in Guadalajara are thoroughly vetted to offer top-tier, personalized dental work. State-of-the-art partner dental facilities provide modern, comfortable settings for a wide array of dental procedures and services. Beyond the high quality dental care from seasoned professionals, immerse yourself in Guadalajara’s colorful history, museums, vibrant culture, and exquisite cuisine. Discover Guadalajara’s accessibility to both exemplary dental care and an authentic Mexican cultural experience.

Puerto Vallarta

Our certified dental clinics and talented dentists in Puerto Vallarta provide high quality dental work and smile makeovers tailored to each patient. Patients can expect high-quality dental treatments from our vetted professionals in this scenic coastal locale. Beyond world-class dental care, Puerto Vallarta charms visitors with its cobblestone historic center, lively cultural scene, array of water activities, and access to eco-adventures. The city's beaches, tropical vistas, and heritage as a beloved resort town complement its modern conveniences and amenities. Discover why Puerto Vallarta is a premier destination for affordable dental care and an unforgettable travel experience. 

Photo of Puerto Vallarta.
Bogotá city photo.


Situated high in the majestic Andes Mountains, Bogotá captivates with its colonial landmarks, world-renowned Gold Museum, and blend of European and Indigenous influences. Yet Colombia’s sophisticated capital also provides excellent dental care. Our handpicked dentists in Bogotá offer personalized dental work tailored to each patient’s needs. We thoroughly vet each dentist in Bogotá to ensure high quality. State-of-the-art clinics provide comfortable settings for customized dental care. Beyond the high quality dentistry, immerse yourself in Bogotá’s street art, diverse cuisine, and role as a hub for business and academia. Discover Bogotá’s accessibility to cutting-edge dentistry and quintessential Colombian charm.