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December 6, 2023

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Best Hotels in Mexico City for Dental Tourists

Medical tourism has gained tremendous popularity recently, with individuals seeking high-quality medical and dental treatments while exploring new destinations. Mexico City, Mexico's vibrant and culturally rich capital, has emerged as a top choice for tourists seeking world-class healthcare and dental services and exceptional hospitality. In this guide, we'll explore the most popular neighborhoods of Mexico City and the best hotels that cater to medical tourists, providing comfort, convenience, and top-notch services during their healthcare journey.

Whether you want to take advantage of the incredible savings you will get by engaging in dental tourism and splurge into high-end and luxurious hotels, or prefer to remain within a budget, we have selected great options for your trip in each price category: budget-friendly (~150USD USD per night or less), mid-range (USD 150 - USD 300 per night), and high-end (USD 300+).

(Prices can vary depending on the booking season and other factors. Ranges shown are based on publicly available prices at the time of writing this article)

Exploring the Enchanting Neighborhoods of Mexico City

With its rich tapestry of neighborhoods, each offering a unique charm and character, it's no wonder this city has captured the hearts of locals and travelers alike. Let's take a whirlwind tour through some of the most popular neighborhoods that make Mexico City an irresistible destination.

1. Roma Norte and Condesa

Nestled side by side, Roma Norte and Condesa are two of the trendiest and most beloved neighborhoods in Mexico City. With their tree-lined streets, colorful facades, and an eclectic mix of boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants, these neighborhoods are a haven for the artistic and the foodie crowd. From sipping artisanal coffee to exploring street art, Roma Norte and Condesa offer a bohemian atmosphere that enchants visitors at every corner.

2. Polanco

Polanco exudes luxury and sophistication, often called the Beverly Hills of Mexico City. This upscale neighborhood is home to high-end boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and stunning architecture. Whether you are indulging in a shopping spree along Avenida Presidente Masaryk or enjoying a sumptuous meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant, Polanco offers a glimpse into Mexico City's upscale lifestyle.

3. Coyoacán

For a taste of history and tradition, Coyoacán is a must-visit. This charming neighborhood boasts cobblestone streets, colonial-era architecture, and the iconic Frida Kahlo Museum, offering a glimpse into the life and art of the legendary painter. The central plaza, surrounded by vibrant markets and cultural venues, is a hub of activity that captures the essence of Mexican culture.

4. Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa is a lively and diverse neighborhood known for its vibrant nightlife, LGBTQ+-friendly atmosphere, and bustling entertainment scene. From vibrant bars and nightclubs to shopping boutiques and international cuisine, Zona Rosa comes alive after dark, making it a favorite spot for locals and tourists seeking a fun and energetic experience.

5. Historic Center (Centro Histórico)

Immerse yourself in Mexico City's past by exploring the Historic Center, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city's heart is home to iconic landmarks like the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace, and the Templo Mayor ruins. Walking through the historic streets, you'll encounter a blend of colonial and pre-Hispanic architecture, bustling markets, and street performers.

Hotels ~ USD 150 / night or under

Now, let’s explore some comfortable and cost-effective accommodation options (~ USD 150 / night or under)

Casa Prim Hotel Boutique

Gallery image of this property

Nestled in the heart of the historic district of Coyoacán, Casa Prim Hotel Boutique is a true gem for budget-conscious medical tourists. This charming boutique hotel exudes warmth and coziness, providing an ideal oasis after a day of medical appointments or procedures. The hotel's strategic location offers access to renowned medical facilities like Hospital Ángeles Acoxpa and Hospital San Ángel Inn Universidad. With its modest pricing and intimate ambiance, Casa Prim perfectly balances affordability and comfort.

Hotel Punto MX

Suite Premier, Cama King Size, Minibar, Terraza Privada, No Vista, No Fumar | Premium bedding, in-room safe, desk, laptop workspace

In the bustling heart of Mexico City, Hotel Punto MX shines as a hidden gem catering to the budget-conscious medical traveler. This contemporary hotel is conveniently located near Hospital ABC Santa Fe and Hospital Ángeles del Pedregal. Its sleek rooms and top-notch amenities, including a fitness center and rooftop terrace, provide a satisfying stay without breaking the bank. With its proximity to major medical facilities and a vibrant city atmosphere, Hotel Punto MX offers a holistic experience for medical tourists on a budget.

Hotel Parque México Boutique

Hotel Parque México

For those seeking a blend of modern simplicity and budget-friendly rates, Hotel Parque México is a compelling choice. Located near the historic Condesa neighborhood, this hotel is a stone's throw away from Hospital General de México, a prominent medical institution. The hotel's functional yet stylish rooms provide a comfortable refuge, while the nearby Parque México offers a serene environment to rejuvenate. Exploring the surrounding area, replete with charming cafes and eateries, adds more enjoyment to your medical tourism experience.

Hotel Carlota


Situated in the trendy Cuauhtémoc neighborhood, Hotel Carlota beckons budget-conscious travelers with its minimalist design and affordable rates. Its prime location ensures seamless connectivity to major hospitals and clinics, such as Hospital Médica Sur and Médica Integral Prime. The hotel's airy rooms and communal spaces are adorned with contemporary art, creating a tranquil atmosphere to unwind in after medical appointments. The on-site restaurant, which emphasizes locally sourced ingredients, offers a delectable culinary experience that won't strain your wallet.

Hotels between USD 150 - $300 USD / night

If you are interested in something a bit more upscale, we suggest exploring the following options (~ USD 150 - USD 300 / night):

Camino Real Polanco Mexico


Boasting a unique blend of traditional Mexican design and modern luxury, Camino Real Polanco Mexico offers a distinct atmosphere for medical tourists. Its well-appointed rooms, lush gardens, and artistic interiors provide a soothing ambiance supporting the healing process. The hotel's prime location in Polanco grants easy access to medical centers, while its cultural aesthetic contrasts the medical journey.

W Mexico City

Gallery image of this property

Situated in the heart of the trendy Polanco district, W Mexico City offers a vibrant and energetic atmosphere perfect for medical tourists looking to infuse their recovery journey with a touch of glamour. The hotel's chic design, eclectic artwork, and lively ambiance create a unique and inspiring experience. Guests can enjoy the hotel's spa services and its proximity to medical centers and entertainment options.

Hyatt Regency Mexico City


Located in the upscale Polanco district, the Hyatt Regency Mexico City perfectly balances comfort and accessibility. Its contemporary rooms, superb amenities, and proximity to medical facilities ensure a hassle-free stay for medical tourists. The hotel's health and fitness center provides opportunities for relaxation and wellness, enhancing the overall medical tourism experience.

Hotel Habita

Property grounds

For medical tourists seeking a contemporary and design-forward experience, Hotel Habita presents an excellent choice. This boutique hotel is in the fashionable Polanco neighborhood and offers sleek and stylish accommodations. Its rooftop terrace, complete with a pool and panoramic city views, provides a relaxing space for recovery. The hotel's proximity to medical facilities and cultural attractions ensures a holistic medical tourism experience.

High-end hotels

If you are looking to make your dental trip extra special and indulge in some of the best hotels Mexico City has to offer, you can enhance your experience at any of the following options: (~ USD 300 / night or over)

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City

Garden view

Nestled in the heart of the upscale Polanco neighborhood, the Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City offers a seamless blend of luxury and wellness, making it an ideal choice for medical tourists. With its elegant rooms, impeccable service, and proximity to renowned medical facilities, this hotel ensures a comfortable and refreshing stay. The Four Seasons boasts a serene spa that offers various rejuvenating treatments, ideal for relaxation after medical procedures.

The St. Regis Mexico City


The St. Regis Mexico City is an exceptional choice for those desiring unparalleled elegance and personalized care. Overlooking the iconic Paseo de la Reforma, this hotel offers panoramic city views alongside luxurious accommodations. Medical tourists can benefit from the hotel's sumptuous spa services and world-class dining experiences. Its central location allows convenient travel to medical appointments and explorations of Mexico City's cultural treasures.

JW Marriott Mexico City

Outdoor pool, sun loungers

Situated in the bustling financial district of Santa Fe, the JW Marriott Mexico City provides a tranquil haven for medical tourists seeking comfort and convenience. The hotel's spacious rooms, modern amenities, and serene ambiance create an environment conducive to recovery. Its location near top-tier medical facilities ensures easy accessibility, and guests can indulge in exquisite dining options to complement their healing journey.

In summary

Mexico City has undoubtedly positioned itself as a premier destination for medical tourism, offering top-tier medical services and a diverse range of accommodations that cater to health-conscious travelers. Whether you're seeking luxurious pampering, tranquil recovery, or contemporary comfort, the city's best hotels provide the perfect blend of hospitality and convenience for a memorable medical or dental tourism experience. As you embark on your healthcare journey in Mexico City, these exceptional hotels will ensure your stay is as refreshing and enjoyable as possible.

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