Is It Worth Getting Veneers in Mexico?

May 9, 2024

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In recent years, more US residents have been exploring getting dental care abroad, particularly for procedures like veneers. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide for individuals in the United States contemplating whether obtaining veneers in Mexico is worthwhile. We will delve into the key factors, costs, and the pivotal role of third-party facilitators in making this dental journey a seamless experience.

Why do people get Veneers in Mexico?

The allure of obtaining veneers in Mexico extends beyond the borders of affordability, encompassing a commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology. Several clinics throughout Mexico have become renowned for their state-of-the-art facilities and experienced professionals.

Patients seeking a balance between cost-effectiveness and quality find these clinics attractive, with many boasting certifications from international organizations, including the American Dental Association.

The utilization of advanced materials, such as IPS e.max and Zirconia, ensures that the veneers are not only cost-efficient but also durable and aesthetically pleasing, rivaling the standards upheld by US-based practices.

It is no wonder that thousands are traveling to Mexico every year to get Veneers instead of getting them at home. When performed by an experienced provider using top-quality materials, it can genuinely become arbitrage.

People get Veneers in Mexico because, when performed by an experienced provider using top-quality materials, it can genuinely become arbitrage.

What are the considerations to get Veneers in Mexico?

Embarking on a dental trip for veneers in Mexico involves several travel implications and considerations. Patients must plan for travel expenses, including flights and accommodation, and allocate sufficient time for the dental procedure and potential recovery.

Choosing a clinic in a city with good transportation infrastructure, such as Cancun or Tijuana, is advisable to facilitate easy access.

A typical dental trip may involve an initial consultation, during which the dentist assesses the patient's oral health and discusses treatment options.

Following this, the veneer preparation and placement process occurs, often spread across multiple appointments. Coordinating post-operative care with the patient's US-based dentist is critical, involving exchanging medical records and ongoing communication to ensure comprehensive and continuous oral health management.

Patients must plan for travel expenses, including flights and accommodation, and allocate sufficient time for the dental procedure and potential recovery.

What does a typical trip to get Porcelain Veneers in Mexico look like?

While timelines vary by destination, specifics of the procedure, appointment availability, and other factors, a typical process to get Porcelain Veneers in Mexico could look like this:


Day 0Arrival at Destination
Day 1First visit: Initial Check-up and Impressions
Day 2Mock-ups, teeth preparation & placement of Provisionals. 
Day 2-6Veneer Preparation (Lab work)
Day 6Permanent Porcelain Veneer Placement
Day 7Final Check-up to ensure everything is OK and according to plan 
Day 8Return Home

In our experience, budgeting between 6 and 9 days has been the norm across patients who have travelled to get porcelain veneers.

These timelines, however, change dramatically when getting resin veneers of direct application, which can be placed in a single day. However, these veneers do not have the same aesthetic qualities nor durability, so not all clinics recommend them for "full sets". It is key to discuss this with your chosen specialist before booking any trip.

Budgeting between 6 and 9 days has been the norm across patients who have travelled to get porcelain veneers.

Is It Worth It to Get Veneers in Mexico to US Patients?

Several key factors come into play when evaluating the worthiness of obtaining veneers in Mexico for US patients.

One significant consideration is the quality of materials used in dental procedures. For instance, Mexican dental clinics commonly use internationally recognized materials like IPS e.max and Zirconia for veneers, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

In contrast, some US practices might opt for similar high-quality materials at a significantly higher cost. Additionally, understanding the expertise of dental practitioners is paramount.

Reputable Mexican clinics often employ professionals who have received training in the United States or Europe, ensuring a skill level comparable to that of their US counterparts.

You can use this guide to decide whether it is worth it for you to get Porcelain Veneers in Mexico:

  • Need: Do I need veneers? Am I sure this is the right path for me? Check with your local provider whether Porcelain Veneers is a recommended solution.
  • Cost difference: How much would I save if I got Porcelain Veneers abroad? Can I afford it even with those savings? Ensure you consider all the costs of getting Porcelain Veneers abroad (Include in your calculations: Airfare, Hotel, Ground Transportation).
  • Reputable clinic: Has a third party validated this clinic? Do they have good reviews online? Do they give me access to discuss the plan with the specialist before deciding? How many procedures has this specialist done? We strongly recommend that you travel only with trusted clinics; having a third-party expert help with the legwork here can ease your concerns and save you a lot of time.
  • Convenience of logistics: Is it easy to get to this location? How long will it take? Do they have direct flights? Is it easy to move around at the destination and reach the clinic? Take advantage of the free services available to simplify your logistical plans. At Globalcare, you can access free benefits and services by booking your procedure through us.
  • Comfort with destination: Does the clinic have English-speaking staff and documentation? Is the destination and clinic location in a safe and comfortable area? Double-check the surrounding area of the clinics to make sure it's convenient, and you don't need to move around too much to commute from your hotel to the clinic.

Are veneers an option for everyone?

Porcelain Veneers are a versatile option but may not be suitable for everyone. From assessing oral health to considering cosmetic concerns, we offer guidance on the considerations that should shape patients' decision-making process. Ideal candidates for Porcelain Veneers typically include individuals with:

What qualifies a good candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

  • Stable Oral Health: Before considering Porcelain Veneers, patients should have good overall oral health. Any underlying dental issues, such as gum disease or decay, should be addressed first. Individuals with healthy gums and teeth are better candidates for veneers.
  • Cosmetic Concerns: Porcelain Veneers are primarily designed to address cosmetic imperfections rather than structural issues. They are suitable for individuals with concerns like stained or discolored teeth, minor misalignments, or small chips. Veneers can effectively cover discolorations and provide a uniform appearance to the teeth.
  • Sufficient Tooth Enamel: Porcelain Veneers require minimal enamel removal from the tooth surface for proper bonding. Patients with sufficient tooth enamel are better candidates for veneers. In cases where enamel is severely compromised, alternative treatments may be considered.
  • Good Bite Alignment: Individuals with a relatively good bite alignment may find Porcelain Veneers suitable. Veneers can help improve the appearance of slightly misaligned teeth. However, for more severe bite issues, orthodontic treatments like braces or clear aligners might be recommended.
  • Commitment to Oral Hygiene: Maintenance of Porcelain Veneers requires a commitment to excellent oral hygiene practices. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are crucial to ensure the longevity of the veneers. Patients dedicated to maintaining good oral hygiene habits are more likely to enjoy the lasting benefits of Porcelain Veneers.
  • Age Consideration: While Porcelain Veneers can be suitable for adults, they might not be recommended for younger individuals whose teeth are still developing. In such cases, alternative cosmetic options or temporary solutions may be explored until a more appropriate time for veneers.

Cases Where Alternatives May Be Preferred:

  • Severe Misalignment: For individuals with significant misalignment issues, orthodontic treatments like braces or clear aligners may be more effective in achieving proper tooth alignment.
  • Extensive Tooth Damage: In cases of extensive tooth damage or decay, dental crowns or implants might be more appropriate to restore the teeth' function and appearance.
  • Extensive Budget Constraints: While Porcelain Veneers offer excellent results, individuals with budget constraints may explore more cost-effective cosmetic options such as teeth whitening or dental bonding.

It's essential for individuals considering Porcelain Veneers to consult with a qualified dentist who can assess their specific case and recommend the most suitable cosmetic dentistry solution based on their unique needs and circumstances.

How should I go about finding the right Dentist in Mexico?

Patients can find a lot of information about dental clinics and doctors online, which can be overwhelming.

Many patients seek the help of third-party facilitators to feel more confident throughout their decision-making process and travels. These facilitators not only provide logistical support but also act as advocates for patients, transferring medical records, ensuring seamless communication, and being a point of contact for post-operative inquiries.

The main roles of a facilitator are: 

  • Logistical Support: One of the primary advantages of third-party facilitators is their ability to streamline the logistical aspects of the dental tourism journey. From arranging transportation and accommodation to coordinating appointments, these facilitators ensure that patients can focus on their dental care without being burdened by travel-related concerns.
  • Cultural and Language Assistance: Navigating a foreign country can be daunting, especially with language and cultural differences. Third-party facilitators bridge this gap by offering language assistance and cultural guidance, ensuring effective communication between patients and the dental team.
  • Comprehensive Packages: Many facilitators provide all-inclusive packages that encompass dental procedures and travel arrangements, accommodations, and sometimes even additional tourist activities. This simplifies the patient process, allowing them to plan their dental trip more easily.

Third-party facilitators play a significant role in obtaining veneers in Mexico for US patients. We know finding the right dental provider can be a daunting task.

That's where Globalcare steps in - we make it easy and stress-free for you to get the dental care you need. As a trusted third-party facilitator, we ensure a seamless experience for US patients seeking dental care abroad. Don't hesitate to reach out to us today and start your journey towards a brighter smile.  

Curious to read more about facilitators and how to find the correct one? We have put together a guide to identifying the best facilitators.

See our guide on facilitators here.

How much can I save by getting Porcelain Veneers in Mexico?

People often choose to get porcelain veneers abroad due to the cost differential. However, it's important to understand the financial implications before making a decision. Let's compare the total costs involved in getting veneers in Mexico versus the United States.

In the US, the average cost per veneer ranges from $800 to $2,500, with some clinics reaching more than $3,000, depending on the case's location and complexity. The cost for a full set of 20 veneers can easily surpass $40,000 at some clinics.

On the other hand, it is well known that Mexican clinics often offer the same quality of materials and expertise at a significantly lower price, even at the most reputable and well-known clinics. The cost per veneer in Mexico typically ranges from $450 to $1,200. The cost-effectiveness becomes even more apparent when factoring in the comprehensive dental packages that may include accommodation and transportation.

At Globalcare, we have built a comparison tool to help you estimate the savings you could get by getting porcelain veneers in Mexico vs the cost at different states in the U.S.

Get an estimate for porcelain veneers here.


Let's run a detailed comparison assuming a person from California is interested in getting 20 porcelain veneers. Our calculator shows that this individual could save more than $30,000 by getting 20 porcelain veneers in Cancun instead of getting them in California. See image below for the details.

Globalcare Estimated Result

Cost Breakdown

Cost Components in the US:

  • Veneers Cost: up to $45,000
  • Number of Porcelain Veneers: 20
  • Additional Expenses could include: Imaging, follow-up appointments, etc.

Cost Components in Cancun Mexico:

  • Porcelain Veneers Cost in Cancun: $11,400
  • Number of Porcelain Veneers: 20
  • Travel Costs (including airfare and hotel at a moderate stay hotel): $1,200
Our estimator shows that this individual could save more than $30,000 by getting 20 porcelain veneers in Cancun instead of getting them in California.


In conclusion, getting porcelain veneers in Mexico is a cost-effective option for U.S. residents seeking cosmetic dentistry. The use of internationally recognized materials and experienced professionals have made it an increasingly popular choice.

Factors such as quality, expertise, cost savings, logistics, comfort, and access to English-speaking staff all play a crucial role in the decision-making process. Patients who find a clinic that meets all these criteria and build sufficient trust can benefit from significant cost savings.

Ultimately, the decision to get porcelain veneers in Mexico depends on individual considerations, and this guide can help those contemplating this dental journey.

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