Is it worth it to work with a dental travel facilitator? And how to identify a great one?

Explore the crucial aspects and considerations for selecting the right dental facilitator for your dental travel.

January 18, 2024
A dental tourims facilitator as a helping hand

Embarking on a dental journey abroad can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, and it certainly involves more than just finding cost-effective dental care options abroad. To make this experience truly enjoyable and stress-free, consider teaming up with a dental tourism facilitator.

Let's explore the crucial aspects and considerations for selecting the right dental facilitator and delve into the compelling reasons why working with a facilitator is a worthwhile decision.

Why Choose a Dental Facilitator?

In the realm of dental tourism, the role of a good facilitator becomes pivotal. This strategic partner acts as a bridge between patients and dental clinics, offering a range of benefits that significantly enhance the overall experience.

When making your decision, make sure the partner you choose to work with has the following characteristics:

They should make it safer:

  • Rigorous Vetting of Dental Providers: Reputable facilitators should collaborate exclusively with proven dental professionals, providing patients access to quality dental care while mitigating the risk associated with unreliable providers. You should feel comfortable asking about their vetting and selection process and asking to meet providers before traveling, to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Cultural Insight and Destination Expertise: Your facilitator should be equipped with cultural insights and destination expertise, assuming the role of a cultural guide that helps you navigate through local nuances. A good facilitator should ensure not only a secure stay but also curate a delightful experience for you.
  • Clear Communication and Documentation Assistance: Language barriers can impede healthcare communication. Facilitators are expected to mitigate this risk by ensuring accurate documentation and communication in English, minimizing the likelihood of misunderstandings that could affect your dental care and experience.

How do we apply it at Globalcare? We conduct thorough background checks of all our partnered dentists to ensure their expertise and reliability. Not only that, but we created a proprietary Scoring System so you can easily navigate, compare and understand the methodology behind our assessment. As Mexican founders, we understand the nuances of Mexico, and every person you interact with will have insights and experience about your destination.

They should make it easier

  • Strategic Price Negotiations: Worthwhile facilitators should guarantee the best prices within their network of providers. Their role is to save you money without compromising the quality of care.
  • Cost-Free, Value-Added Services: Contrary to misconceptions, facilitators offer patients their services free of charge. Beyond cost savings, they provide alternatives, facilitate introductory calls, and manage travel logistics, enriching the overall dental tourism experience.
  • Comprehensive Support and Supplementary Discounts: Beyond dental care, great facilitators extend their services to encompass a broader spectrum of benefits. Through strategic partnerships with hotels, airport transportation companies, renowned restaurants, and entertainment venues, they enhance your overall experience. These collaborations provide additional perks, ensuring a comprehensive and elevated dental tourism journey.
  • Advocacy Beyond Dental Clinics: Dental facilitators position themselves as advocates not just within the clinic but also in ensuring the overall travel experience is exceptional. Technological tools aid decision-making, and centralization of dental trip information streamlines the entire process.

How do we apply it at Globalcare? We negotiate with our doctors on our patients' behalf to make sure the quote you get from us is the same you would get if you were to go directly - making sure our service is truly free for you! We also pick you up at the airport for free in our covered destinations and provide personalized support for your whole journey. Finally, we offer a free Patient Portal where you can manage your trip, documents, and communication in a single place.

How do facilitators work and make money?

Knowing the business model of dental facilitators helps understand the sustainable ecosystem they create, benefiting both patients and dental clinics.

  • Fee Structure and Mutual Gains: Dental facilitators earn fees from dental clinics per patient. This fosters a mutually beneficial relationship where patients share in the granted discounts, promoting transparency and shared success.
  • Business Services for Dental Clinics: Besides patient-focused services, facilitators provide dental clinics with business and marketing consulting, fostering a collaborative environment that supports ongoing improvement.
  • Network Effects and Collaborative Power: Dental facilitators foster collaboration that leads to additional revenue streams and enhanced benefits for all stakeholders through network effects. Some examples include aggregating purchasing power for clinics and promoting the use of shared services.
  • Diversification of Revenue Streams: The dental tourism industry's vitality is sustained through conferences, congresses, research initiatives, and publications. These endeavors contribute to continuous evolution and improvement within the industry.

Bottom Line - Is going solo better than using a facilitator?

Opting for a solo dental journey may seem tempting, but the potential risks and missed opportunities are significant. Engaging a facilitator ensures representation, access to special discounts, and an overall superior travel experience without any financial burden on the patient.

In conclusion, a good and reputable dental tourism facilitator serves as a strategic partner, offering a calculated and pragmatic approach to dental care abroad. By choosing the right facilitator and navigating the dental tourism landscape with its assistance, patients can achieve a seamless, cost-effective, and ultimately rewarding dental journey.

When you are ready to find a great facilitator, you can use the following checklist to make sure you are working with a trusty, reputable, and worthwhile company:

Questionnaire for Assessing a Dental Tourism Facilitator:

1. Provider Vetting:

Does the facilitator collaborate exclusively with proven dental professionals, conducting thorough background checks on their partnered dentists?

2. Cultural Expertise:

Can the facilitator provide cultural insights and destination expertise to enhance my overall experience during the dental journey?

3. Communication Assistance:

Is the facilitator committed to clear communication, offering translation services and documentation assistance to overcome language barriers?

4. Price Negotiation:

Does the facilitator guarantee the best prices within their network of providers without compromising the quality of dental care?

5. Cost-Free Services:

Are there complimentary services the facilitator provides, such as a Patient Portal, introductory calls, and assistance managing travel logistics?

6. Fee Transparency:

Can the facilitator maintain transparent fee structures, allowing me to fully understand the financial aspects and benefits associated with their services?

7. Solo vs. Facilitated Decision:

Have I considered the potential risks and benefits of a solo dental journey versus engaging a facilitator for a more comprehensive and rewarding experience?

If you have questions about Globalcare, don't hesitate to reach out! We are always happy to assist you.