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Whether you are looking for Dental Implants, All-on-4, All-on-6, Dentures, Veneers, or other procedures, we know it's overwhelming to navigate online not knowing who to trust. We are here for you.

With our proprietary scoring system, our closed network of high-quality doctors and Clinics, and our integrated and secure patient portal, we'll help you every step of the way to get affordable dental treatments in Mexico or Latin America. The best part? It's free! 

We make it easier and safer to get care abroad




Browse our curated network of pre-vetted Dental Specialists in Mexico and Latin America. With our personalized support and access to a variety of resources and tools, finding the perfect specialist to meet your needs has never been easier.




Want to know the estimated cost of getting Dental Implants or Veneers in Mexico? Book a complimentary 1-1 conversation with your Dentist to meet them before deciding to travel.


Get a personalized estimate


Leverage our free and secure patient portal to share X-Rays and other information to help our Dentists give you an accurate treatment plan. Get a detailed personalized quote and find the right Dentists for your needs! 




Ready to move forward? We'll help you find available dates that work for you. Book your dental appointments directly with Globalcare  and get access to great benefits (including special pricing with Marriot and other boutique hotels, and free ground transportation).

get care

Get Care


Travel to incredible destinations to get high-quality care with our pre-vetted Dentists in Mexico and Latin America. 

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Rate & Promote


Spread the word! Rate, share feedback, and provide testimonials. Millions are looking for affordable Dentists they can trust. Our mission is to make it easier and safer to get high-quality and affordable dental care abroad! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide medical services?

No. We help you connect, book, and coordinate your treatment with great Dentists in Mexico and Latin America. We provide you with end-to-end support, help you gather all the information you need to decide, and provide you with special benefits to maximize your savings and have a wonderful experience getting top-notch care abroad. All of this at no cost to you! 

How can I get a quote from Doctors and Dentists in your network?

1. Browse our pre-vetted providers and choose the one that best fits your needs 

2. Submit a quote request through your patient portal, including information about your needs and supporting images

3.  Get your personalized quote. Yes, it's that easy! 

How can I meet the doctor before traveling?

Connect with our specialists, who will help you set up a 1-1 introductory call with your chosen provider so you can feel more comfortable deciding. Our goal is for you to find the best dentists abroad for your needs. 

Where are your Doctors and Dentists located? 

We currently focus on Dental procedures. Our network of pre-vetted Dental Clinics is active in cities throughout Mexico (Cancún, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, and soon Tijuana and Monterrey) and Colombia (Bogotá). We continue expanding to help you find high-quality, affordable care abroad more easily and safely. 

What medical specialties do you currently cover?

We are focused on Dental procedures. We will continue to expand our footprint to help more people find affordable care abroad. 

How do you help with travel?

For starters, we'll hook you up with free ground transportation from the airport to your place of stay. In addition, you can take advantage of our travel partner network to get special discounts and benefits! Lastly, we have put together guides and recommendations for people that are traveling to Mexico or Latin America for the first time here. 

We are here to help and make sure you have a fantastic experience.

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